Yappy 637th Birthday (in Dog Years) to Betty White!

Good news for fans of this Golden Girl: Last year’s NBC special celebrating her big 9-0 was such a hit that the network is doing another one this year.

“Betty White’s Second Annual Birthday Special” will air on Feb. 5.

What does White, who recently made our top 5 list of celebrity dog supporters, want for her 91st birthday? Something to help those with four legs, of course.

“Animals are near and dear to my heart, and I’ve devoted my life to trying to improve their lives,” White wrote in a Huffington Post blog yesterday. “Since a girl like me already has more than I could hope for, I’m asking fellow animal lovers for a special birthday gift this year.”

White is asking her fans to make a donation to the Morris Animal Foundation, a nonprofit that invests in advances in veterinary care. She hopes to raise $10,000.

“This year, the Foundation will celebrate its 65th anniversary (still quite a youngster if you ask me!),” White wrote. “Since its founding, Morris Animal Foundation has invested more than $70 million toward more than 2,000 health studies for dogs, cats, horses and hundreds of wildlife species, including my favorite: the California sea otter!”

Not that you need them, here are five dog-lovin’ reasons to love Betty White:

5. Through the Morris Foundation, which she’s been involved with for more than 40 years, White has sponsored animal health studies that have resulted in major breakthroughs in animal pain management; information on genetic mutations that cause bone cancer in dogs; and using ultrasound to manage canine congestive heart failure.

4. As “America’s Favorite Pin-Up,” White posed with a bevy of beefcake-y hunks for a 2011 calendar that benefitted the Morris Foundation.

3. White is a supporter of spcaLA and its annual Mark and Brian KLOS Pet Adoption Day.

2. After losing her dog Kita to canine cancer, White promoted the Orvis Cover Dog Photo Contest to raise money to eradicate this disease. More than $500,000 was raised for the Canine Cancer Campaign, for which she was the spokeswoman.

1. Last year, White spent her milestone 90th birthday with Pontiac, her Golden Retriever. She’s probably doing the same today. How pawesome is that?